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Do you travel for trips?

Located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, most of our trips fall within and 80-mile radius within the states of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.  However, we do accommodate trips further away.  Our most recent adventures have been to New York City, Virginia Beach, and Philadelphia.

Can we bring our own drinks?

Of course!  We want you to have a good time and bring any beverages you would like.  We provide each trip with complementary ice and bottles of water.  We prefer that you use soft coolers or utilize the ice bins inside the vehicle.  You may also put bigger coolers in the trunk of the vehicle.  We do not allow any type of alcoholic beverage to anyone in the vehicle under 21.

What if we run over the expected time of having the vehicle?

Sometimes you lose track of time or event timelines get postponed–and that’s okay!  As long as the vehicle does not have an event later in the day, or the driver does not have any prior obligations, special arrangements can be made to accommodate your event/special day!  Please ask about the availability of your vehicle at the time of booking.  Additional rates will be applied for hours exceeded on the day of your event.

Can you place items in the vehicle before the event?

Yes! As long as your request is within reason and the vehicle is not on an excursion before yours, you are free to add items to the vehicle prior to the trip!  Please request upon booking!

Is there an age minimum?

There is no age minimum; however, we do require that a chaperone is present for small children.  Anyone under 18 not accompanied by an adult, is expected to leave the partition down so that our driver may monitor the trip and ensure the safety of all minors.  If any minor is acting inappropriately, a warning will be given.  If the problem persists, the drive will pull the vehicle over and the parents will be called to pick-up the minors.

Do you participate in charities/ fundraiser events?

We love our community, that’s what keeps us in business!  We participate in charities and school fundraisers and incentive programs throughout the year! Please ask us if we are available!

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